My Corner of the Web

I am just someone experimenting with Web site building, who enjoys the simplicity and nostalgia that Neocities brings! I am also enjoying my journey of learning HTML and CSS coding, something new to me! I will be taking this a bit at a time and updating as I learn, so stay tuned!


Facts About Me

  1. I am a huge animal lover and currently have two horses and three cats, who I love to talk about and will be doing so frequently on this page!
  2. My favorite food is spaghetti and I have become quite the spaghetti chef!
  3. My favorite colors are blue and green, and mixes of the two.
  4. I took a graphic design class in high school and helped design the first logo for a new business in my town.
  5. I love going for long walks and drives to think deep thoughts about life.
  6. My favorite soda is Crystal Pepsi.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This site is still in the process of being built and is therefore under construction during this time. Please check later for updates.

Updated 9/12/2017